October 13

Well, this blog apparently still works. Here's a quick recap of the last 1 1/2 years... 

Phil graduated from his MBA program at UCLA and we moved to San Francisco for his work and I continued to work for the same company in LA but from the house. We spent one glorious year in SF until Los Angeles called us home.

We are back in LA now and loving the sunshine (and not working from home).

Oh yeah and in other news...we are having a BABY in just a few weeks (Hence the rebirth of the blog)!

We made a little video about his nursery. So watch and enjoy (and I will get started updating this site).

February 01
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I know we haven't shared much about the new house/city that we are living in. I am trying to find a time to get some good pictures of the house and post them here. We have had time to take a few photos of Venice. Santa Monica was nice, but we like Venice even more. There is so much more to do here. We are walking distance to the famous Venice Boardwalk, the Venice Canals and Abbot Kinney.

The Venice Boardwalk is well...the Venice Boarwalk. On a nice weekend it is packed with the most eclectic crowd and all the tourist there to see them. If you like a crowd and enjoy people watching, this is the place to go. My favorite time to go is on a weekday morning when there are not very many people. The beach is quiet and the pier is empty...very nice.

In the early 1900's Venice had miles of canals that weaved their way through the streets. Today a lot of those canals have been turned into streets (like the street we live on), but there does remain a section of the canals. This is a great place to walk. If you like looking at houses this is your Venice. It has a great mix of houses and the sidewalk runs between the canals and the houses so you can get up close and personal with a lot of the architecture.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard is still somewhat hidden from a lot of the tourists. This street is filled with cute shops, coffee houses, restaurants, and hipsters. We love living by Abbot Kinney (even though we cannot pull off the hipster look). We have so much to do in just a few minutes walk. That includes me going to work:)

So here is a brief tour of our new part of LA. We are getting ready for more visitors. My mom and Brian this weekend and Kay and Homer next weekend! We love seeing family!

January 27

What a cutie...

Being the annoying dog owners that we are I feel necessary to post lots of photos of Gunnar. My camera that was once filled with pictures of landscapes and sunsets is now filled with adorable pictures of our dog. I promise to not post them all, but here are a few from the latest photo shoot...

January 22
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We have been so lucky to have spent the last three weeks with family! With my mom and Brian in Palm Springs and Phil's parents here last weekend, we have been very blessed. It was so nice to to see everyone and show them the new house in Venice. I have a lot more photos, but these will have to do for now. Life is busy and I have a very sad dog looking at me right now who wants to go outside. Better go!

Thanks to everyone is came to visit! We love you all!

December 31

That's right...Gunnar has his own YouTube channel: All Gunnar, All the Time. I know that many of you can only see pictures of Gunnar. So, we made a few videos of the little guy so you can get a taste of his personality. I know we are absolutely crazy, obsessed dog owners, but we don't care. We love him so much!

December 28
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This year we stayed home for the holidays. Even though we missed our families, it was nice to be able to relax and start a few of our own traditions. After a hike in Runyon Canyon with the Freeman's, we brought home a tree on Christmas Eve and decorated it with the ornaments that my mom sent from my childhod. She said she wanted us to have them to remind of us of home, but I know she is just trying to get rid of boxes in the basement before the big move (I'm totally on to her).

Christmas morning we opened presents and we even had stockings to empty (thanks mom!). TJ, Shanna and Beo came over for a trip to the dog park, dinner and stockings. We are so happy that the Freeman's are in LA and really happy that we got to celebrate Christmas with them this year! I now have a standing order every Christmas for a dozen of Shanna's Christmas cookies. They were so good!

2012 should be fun. We are excited to have my mom and Brian in California for a few months. They will be in LA on Sunday and Monday, then retiring to Palm Springs for the remainder of their stay. Phil's parents are coming in a few weeks for their first trip to LA. We can't wait to show them where we live! My aunt and uncle will be here in February and we are hoping the newly engaged Mary and Kyle will visit so we can celebrate their engagement. 2012 is looking pretty good so far!

Have a great New Year!

December 21
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I'd like to introduce you to the newst, cutest member of our family...Gunnar!

We have been talking about adopting a dog for some time now. We started looking last weekend and found the sweetest dog in the whole city of Los Angeles. Here is Gunnar's story:

Gunnar was brought to the South Los Angeles County Animal Shelter in the beginning of December. They classified him as a stray which means he was found on the street as opposed to his owner's giving him up. We had visited several other LA County Shelters before we found Gunnar. We saw a lot of dogs who were cute and in need of a good home, but we just couldn't find the right dog for us. Finally after walking down what seemed like a million rows of kennels we saw his shy face in the corner. We had the handler bring him out and he very timidly walked right into my lap. We immeditaly knew we would be leaving with him. So late Sunday afternoon we brought our new 18-month old, 45 lb, German Shepard/Lab home with us.

Since being home, Gunnar has been very good. He warmed up immediately and plays well with other dogs. His kennel cough is almost gone and he is getting a good bath tomorrow. He knows how to sit now and we are working on shaking. Our only issue is that he is scared to go up the stairs to our bedroom. We have tried food, putting down non-stick mats and we even thought of carrying him but he is too big. So in the meantime, we sleep on the couch becuase we all suffer from seperation anxiety.

We love him so much and we can't wait for our friends and family to meet him!